Health Care During Pregnancy

Health Care

Health insurance (sometimes called a medical policy or health coverage) helps you cover medical costs incurred due to injury, illness, or disease. Health insurance is important to you, especially if you're pregnant. So what health insurance services are available for a pregnant woman? After the Affordable Care Act (the Affordable Care Act or ACER) was passed, health care coverage now requires all insurance plans in the Health Insurance Marketplace (the Marketplace) or Medicaid to insure certain services for women who are pregnant.

One of these services is maternity coverage. In previous years, maternity insurance was not available through most health plans. Health insurance companies would not insure maternity coverage since it was thought that the cost was too high. However, as of now, almost all health plans have maternity coverage available to pregnant women through their individual providers. The maternity insurance may be offered in the individual market as a stand-alone policy or as part of a group policy.

In addition to maternity coverage, most health plans have "pregnancy insurance" available to women who are pregnant. This kind of insurance covers pregnancy-related hospital admissions, prescriptions, and physician's office visits, for up to twelve months from the time of pregnancy beginning. Most policies require that the woman pay some form of co-payment upon entering the waiting period, but all policies provide a reasonable waiting period. This reasonable co-pay can vary among different plans.