How Much Does Health Insurance Cover?

how much health insurance does employer pay

It is always a bit shocking to see how much health insurance an employer offers. Sometimes this can be upwards of $50 per month for a family policy. You see, the employer (the company that you work for) pays these deductibles for the employee (you). Now, this might not seem like that much money in a year but overtime (when you have several people in your family all working) it adds up and it can really add up over a year. It is best to budget for this, because if you run out of coverage you could get sued by your employer which would mean paying lawyer fees.

How much does health insurance cover? In short it will not cover every illness, disease and accident that happen during a year. Usually there is a list of pre-existing conditions that will not be covered but most major illnesses will be. The good thing is that it covers your family in the case of your death so if you are a smoker and pass away there will be other people that will be paid for the funeral and medical expenses that they will incur.

How much does health insurance cover vary from one company to another and from one state to the next also. Different companies have different plans, so it is best to do some research on this before settling on the company that will give you the best rates. Also keep in mind that if you decide to get your family covered in the event of your death, then the amount that the employer pays in premiums will be taken out of the death benefit and given to your loved ones.