Pregnancy and Health Care: How You Can Pay Less When You Are Pregnant

Health Care

The most common reason for seeking affordable insurance plans is due to pregnancy. Pregnancy can have a variety of outcomes, and not all pregnancies are covered by insurance plans. In many states, insurance companies do not offer any type of coverage for pregnancies that occurred prior to the woman's 20-week waiting period after conceiving. Most women seek care when they find out they are pregnant, and if you are seeking affordable health care during your pregnancy, it is imperative that you find a plan that will provide you with the coverage you need.

Your first step towards finding affordable insurance plans is to ensure that you have the doctor visits and medical bills covered in your pregnancy. Most health insurance plans cover preventive care visits such as doctor visits for diabetes, mammograms, blood work, and other similar medical bills. If your pregnancy ends in miscarriage or abortion, these visits would not be covered under your policy. Pregnancy can cause major medical bills to skyrocket, especially if you become ill or are injured at any time during the pregnancy. Your best bet for paying for these expenses is to get an insurance plan that covers the full range of your pregnancy complications, including the doctor visits and medical bills associated with them.

There are also a variety of ways you can reduce the costs of care while you are pregnant. Many insurance companies and private families offer financial incentive programs that help you keep your premiums lower if you adopt or start a family planning program. This program can sometimes save you hundreds of dollars per month on your medical bills, so if you qualify, look into it. Medicaid also offers a variety of financial assistance programs for pregnant women and their children, but you may have to apply for these programs separately. Regardless of which program you apply for, it is better to be proactive than to find yourself in a position were you need Medicaid to apply for and then later discover you cannot afford to use it.