Should I Get Health Insurance Or Not?

Many people these days are getting health insurance either through work, their family or by getting an individual quote for themselves. In this day and age when our children are growing up and we can no longer be too sure what the future holds, it is essential that we are taking all the necessary steps to ensure that our health care needs are covered. Unfortunately if you have ever looked at the cost of health care it can sometimes be quite overwhelming. It seems that every time you turn around one new medical procedure or medication costs so much money!

Should I get health insurance or not

The answer is no, you shouldn't get health insurance. In fact, there are many reasons why you should avoid getting one, but the main reason is that the prices are so high. If you do have one, you may find that in a few years you have spent more on your premiums than you would if you did not have it. The other major problem with health insurance is that the co-payments can be so high and some people actually end up paying hundreds of dollars in co pays each month. You also need to consider the fact that once you go to the doctor you are subject to spending a large chunk of money. There are so many things that are overlooked when someone gets health insurance and the only thing that they know is how much it is going to cost them each month.

If you truly want to get health insurance then you should definitely look at various options. Some people do this by looking at different companies online, others may look at various online quote sites to see which ones are going to be the most affordable. Some people like to contact agents and brokers directly to see if they can get them a better deal, whereas others may simply try to find ways of saving money.