What is Health Insurance Like Car Insurance?

If you were to ever ask yourself, "what is health insurance like?" The first thing that would come to mind is that you have to go to the doctor and stay healthy or else you get stuck with high bills. This of course is the main premise of all insurance plans but when you start to think about it a little bit further, you might realize that this isn't the case at all. When you think about health insurance like car insurance, you need to do some research and determine what you really need. There are many things that people need coverage for but most of these policies don't cover things like pre-existing health conditions.

Is health insurance like car insurance

So what is health insurance like in a nutshell? When you purchase a new policy, it covers all of the major accidents that you might be involved in as well as any medical expenses you might incur during the time you are unable to work. Health insurance doesn't cover your kid's braces if you get into a car accident, it only covers injuries that you might sustain while traveling. You can also go on your own for a certain amount of time as long as the insurance allows you to do so, after which the policy ends. This is why most people get car insurance when they first purchase a new car; it is just a way to protect yourself during an unforeseen event. This protection is the reason why most health insurance plans don't cover pre-existing conditions.

What is health insurance like car insurance? While car insurance is all about protection, you need to find a plan that actually covers everything you need. If you just need car insurance for your car, you can get cheap car insurance and then you will pay low monthly premiums because you are protected from almost all accidents. Health insurance is about taking care of yourself; make sure that you have the coverage that you need.