Which Health Insurance is Best?

Which health insurance is best? That is a question many Americans are asking these days as the cost of health care continues to rise. One thing that does stand firm however, is that if you want to save money on your medical bills, you need to have out-of-pocket expenses that do not exceed the amount of money that you would save by going with a preferred provider. If you're like most, your monthly paycheck just doesn't quite enough to cover the costs of your regular doctor visits, medications and the occasional emergency room visit.

which health insurance is best

In fact, if you are like the vast majority of the American population, the question is probably not what health insurance is best, but rather what does the health care system in this country really require us to do. For example, recently there was an interesting exchange between Governor Palin and Senator John McCain during a debate in St. Paul. Here's what happened: McCain suggested that the current system in the United States is too complicated and confusing for most people to understand. He also mentioned the popular notion that most Americans cannot get their doctors' bills done without calling them. (McCain did not actually say that; he was saying that most people simply don't have the time.)

When the debate was over, the campaign did not release a specific answer which health insurance is best, but rather one they provided to the media on their own. According to their answer, they believe that most individuals would be able to understand the current health care system, and that it is simply too hard for the average person to understand how they would cut benefits or cut taxes without impacting their budget. At least one segment of the media seemed willing to agree, and that was the gentleman that did the interview with Senator John McCain. When pressed by the reporter, he declined again and instead suggested that perhaps an individual should look into out-of-network care. Unfortunately for the candidate, it turns out that the candidate himself was out of network - he was the one calling for the review.