Who Needs Health Insurance Today?

In the current state of the economy, most families in the United States do not have any type of health insurance coverage. The cost of health care is at an all time high and health insurance does not make payments for pre-existing medical conditions. As a result, many families in the United States are forced to pay large medical bills that exceed their income each month.

who needs health insurance

Those families that are able to keep their medical bills low will be able to save money and provide their loved ones with the types of healthcare they deserve. One way that these families can do this is by obtaining a high-deductible, out-of-network health care plan. There are many reasons why a family should consider getting an HMO, PPO or POS medical plan, including: receiving medical care at a reduced rate through in-network doctors; receiving medical care at a reduced rate through out-of-network specialists; avoiding premium hikes on both health insurance plans; having more choices when it comes to health care providers; and avoiding federal tax credits.

Although many states have different laws regarding who needs health insurance and who doesn't shopping around for an affordable, out-of-network health care plan is the best option for those families who are currently uninsured. If you are forced to purchase a medical plan through the health exchange, you may also want to consider shopping around for a high deductible, out-of-network plan. Many employers offer their workers a choice between an HMO or PPO medical plan. If your employer does not offer a medical plan, you may want to look into purchasing one on your own.